Noah has been putting people and things in places to make other things for a long time now. The results have toured festivals all over the world including SXSW & Tribeca, in partnership with platforms like Hulu, Super Deluxe & Conde Nast Entertainment, and produced in association with too many brands to count. He has trouble saying no and likes it that way.



Ryan is a close second for best hair of the founders but a clear first for best dressed. Ryan has spearheaded video departments for digital publishers & agencies, collaborated with some of the world's largest brands including McDonalds, Coors, and the NFL, and lectured to hundreds of students on advertising strategy and ideology. He is the only father at Hexagon Studio (currently) and has taken to referring to himself as Papa Ryan as a result.



Evan is a born and bred NY'er with a dizzyingly diverse background in the production game. That background includes two feature films available on Netflix, directing ambitious branded series for everyone from Campbell's to Knob Creek and OnStar, and producing or EP'ing campaigns all over the world. Evan recently performed in the Brooklyn Players' staging of RAGTIME and briefly considered segueing into the lucrative musical theater game full-time.



Dylan is the tallest of the Hexagon founders and arguably has the best hair. He cut his teeth in every department imaginable before segueing into working full-time directly with brands and corporate partners as both a physical and creative producer. Recent work includes large scale campaigns for Crown Royal and Marriott. Dylan is a former bouncer at the infamous Boardy Barn in Long Island where he saw things that one cannot unsee.



Dan is a self-proclaimed pixel pusher and a wizard of all things post-production. His work includes commercial work with numerous brands & agencies, award-winning series for digital publishers such as Vox & Mic, and music videos for acts like Coventry and Gentle Giant. He is currently torturing his fellow Hexagon co-founders with an epic adventure as the team's resident Dungeon Master.